Himedia食品检测用培养基 Food

Himedia食品检测用培养基 Food
Food Microbiology is the detection and analysis of food borne spoilage microorganisms. This field covers, the study of micro-organisms involved in the food; how they can be identified and cultured, how they live, how some of them infect and cause disease and how their activities can be brought in use. It is a very broad section, encompassing the study of microorganisms which have both beneficial and deleterious effects on the quality and safety of raw and processed foods. The primary tool of microbiologists is the ability to identify and quantify the food-borne microorganisms; however the inherent inaccuracies in enumeration processes and the natural variation found in all bacterial populations complicate the microbiologist’s job. HiMedia serve the needs of food processing Industries, by offering a broad range of Culture Medias for the detection of microbes and their activity.
Indicator Microbes & Pathogen  指示微生物和病原体
Microbes in Processing & Spoilage  加工和腐败中的微生物
Preparatory Media  预备培养基